Admit it, we’ve all been at the supermarket ‘umm’ing and ‘ahh’ing over which apples look the best to take home.
We often go for the food which looks the prettiest, and fit our preconceptions for what a ripe, healthy piece of produce should look like.

Unfortunately however, these high standards are contributing to food waste. By only choosing to buy the pretty food, we’re supporting companies and industries in throwing out the uglier food which they assume we won’t want.

Meet Jordan Figueiredo: he’s the social media sensation  single-handedly tackling this issue, by buying the ugly fruit and vegetable you might not.

According to his profile, we throw out 20-40% of the food that’s not perfect! Imagine if this weird and wonderful pepper just ended up rotting in the trash:

Why throw out this eggplant just because it has a face? That’s probably why he looks so grumpy!

Figueirido buys and shares pics of the most unconventional fruit and vegetables around the world, often finding wild and wacky products of nature.

His engaging posts have helped people around the world see the beauty in the unconventional, and remind us that nobody’s perfect- so why on earth should our fruit and veg be?

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